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“The success of the company derive from the success of their EMPLOYEEs”
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Work is tough for sure, but we must have a reason to work happily with.
TRUST Personnel have been working in the Human Capital Management Solution Services industry. This industry highly requires the experience, ability and quality of our Consultant Team and yet this constructing the core genes making us to determine our success.

Therefore in TRUST Personnel, we treat our employees as our major valuable asset. By building up virtuous corporate culture, our teammates are more affiliated to the company and willingness to contribute themselves for company’s achievements.

That’s the reason why our management team always put this in our priority concern.

Besides setting up rules and regulations, we rather delegate our focus in setting up objectives for our teammates to contribute their strength with. We share our development roadmap with our teammates letting them to be highly participated and ultimately we can share the result together.

The success of the company derive from the success of their EMPLOYEEs.
There is no doubt, within TRUST Personnel, long term clients’ business relation is built on between clients and our consultant team-members.

We encourage each of our team-members to foster good and trust worthy relationship with client. This will not just for company’s interest only. As this will also be a good foundation for them to be prepared for future career advancement.

In TRUST Personnel, we treasure every relationship with our employees. As we believe every person has their own unique strength, it is our duty to identify them when working together and understand what they will expect. According to each identified specialty, we create specific rooms for them to utilize their strength and we aim to share the results together.
TRUST Personnel is a Hong Kong based Recruitment Agency specializes in providing professional Human Capital related services. Over 15 years, we and our experienced consulting team have been delegated as recruitment partner of our clients that includes but not limited to Listed Companies, Multi-National Corporations and Small Medium Enterprises, assisting them and providing them with a One-Shop-Stop Human Capital service solution. With the aids of our Strong Database and our advance IT Information System, the speed and accuracy to locate our clients’ required talents have been improved in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
To cater client’s different needs and requirements, TRUST Personnel tailor made for them specific Human Capital related solution that embraces of Database Talent Recruitment, Staffing Services, Headhunting, Payroll Outsourcing, Management Consultancy, Mainland Talent Recruitment Services etc.
10 Year Anniversary
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