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The suitable talents are always READY HERE.
TPA’s Database Talent Search Services can assist you easily locate and shortlist the most suitable talents,
so that you can expand your business in a more handy approach.
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  TRUST Personnel has been successfully assisted more than 1,000 clients (including various Fortune 500 enterprises and corporations) in providing them with our Database Talent Search Services. There is no need for clients in wasting their resources on the huge amount of CV that they are not targeted with. Indeed, they can refocus their valuable time on the right profile(s) to enhance the speed and efficiency in recruitment process. Besides, our Database Talent Search Services do not come with any Pre-payment, let you easily control and safeguard the recruitment cost.

To be certain, TRUST Personnel understand that the two major components in our Database Talent Search Services are the Quality of our Consultants and our Database.

Our Consultant Team possess over 15 years professional experience. What we have accumulated for years is not just the experience and the relative industry knowledge. Moreover, we have built up a priceless social activity network. Job Seekers, HR Colleagues, Companies’ Management and even though Companies’ Owner, they all become our friends and we interact and share between with respective industry and market information from time to time. That is the reason why no matter which industry that you are from and which position that you are now withholding, we have well versed practical experience and information to serve you, our clients and our elite job seekers.

On the Hardware Side, we understand that good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of any job. In order to search accurately and efficiently for our clients among our processed Database with over 73,000 potential candidates’ profiles saved. Our IT colleagues for yeas have been undertaking research and implementation to tackle this issue. Finally TRUST Personnel has developed ourselves a Comprehensive, Accurate and Efficient recruitment tracking system called “BCS”.

BCS (Board Card System) is a system that operates under card pushing methodology. With this as the link between our Database and our Consulting Team, we can easily get hold with the current status of each of our targeted candidate. On data processing side, although we have over 73,000 potential candidates’ profiles, the system can complete the preliminary shortlisting process in seconds, provide us a candidates’ list for initial Job Propose.

With the above mentioned factors as our core competency, we sincerely inviting you to take immediate action and experience what TRUST Personnel can offer you in our “Database Talent Search Services”.
  "Database Talent Search Services" Process Intro:  
Database Talent Search Services
  Formulate requirements according to Position Opening  
  Our senior consultant will analyze the case and cooperate with the responsible team to formulate specific requirements.  
  Locate the Suitable Talents  
  Locate and approach the suitable talents to undertake pre-interview and relative suitability study.  
  Interview Arrangement, Shortlisting  
  Arrange interviews between clients and talents for further shortlisting procedures.  
  Package Negotiation, Duty Commencement  
  Follow up on final shortlisted talent from formal propose to mutual consented duty commencement date.  
  When the placed talent successfully commence his/her duty, TRUST Personnel will provide a guarantee period (from 30 to 90 days) to each of the case. Within guarantee period if talent resigns or client terminates the employment engagement in whatever case, we will provide a free replacement to assure client can seek for the right talent.  
  30 Days Guarantee   Annual Package is less than HK$200K.  
  60 Days Guarantee   Annual Package lies between HK$200K to HK$600K.  
  90 Days Guarantee   Annual Package is HK$600K up.  
  Act now and experience the advantages and convenience that TRUST Personnel’s Database Talent Search Services
can bring to you.

About our services fee schedule and our relative Terms & Conditions, please contact our consultant for details.

TEL : +852 - 2314 7000
E-mail : cs@recruitment.hk
TRUST Personnel is a Hong Kong based Recruitment Agency specializes in providing professional Human Capital related services. Over 15 years, we and our experienced consulting team have been delegated as recruitment partner of our clients that includes but not limited to Listed Companies, Multi-National Corporations and Small Medium Enterprises, assisting them and providing them with a One-Shop-Stop Human Capital service solution. With the aids of our Strong Database and our advance IT Information System, the speed and accuracy to locate our clients’ required talents have been improved in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
To cater client’s different needs and requirements, TRUST Personnel tailor made for them specific Human Capital related solution that embraces of Database Talent Search, Staffing Services, Headhunting, Payroll Outsourcing, Management Consultancy, Mainland Talent Recruitment Services etc.
10 Year Anniversary
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