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TRUST Personnel Agency was founded in 2003.  The name “TRUST” is simply representing the Founder’s determination in leading the Company becomes our clients’ “TRUST” worthy Human Capital Solution Partner.


TRUST Personnel Agency is an integrated professional Human Capital Solution Services Provider. Our scope of services include but not limited to Database Talent Recruitment, Headhunting and all-rounded Human Capital related policy formulation & management solution. The Job Functions and the Industry focus of the recruitment projects that we have handled include but not limited to Accounting, Sales Co-ordination, Merchandising, Design, Logistic, Warehouse Management, Retail, Hospitality, Shipping, Clerical, Engineering, Administration, Management, Sales & Marketing, Quality Surveillance, Customer Services, Information Technology, Trading and Finance related service.


Our Consultant team possess over 15 years’ well versed experience and closely attached to the concurrent Human Capital Market’s update status. With the aids of our extensive relationship network, we have been for years assisting our clients / partners such as Listed Companies, Multi-National Corporations and Small Medium Enterprises providing them a “One-Shop-Stop” Human Capital service solutions.


TRUST Personnel Agency emphasis on the adaption of technology into our service and we are good in making use of it to enhance our quality standard. Further to that, we have an extensive Database with over 73,000 potential candidates’ profiles. After continuous research and implementation, we have developed ourselves a Comprehensive, Accurate and Efficient recruitment tracking system called “BCS”.


BCS (Board Card System) is a system that operates under card pushing methodology. With this as the link between our Database and our Consulting Team, we can easily get hold with the current status of each of our targeted candidate. On data processing side, although we have over 73,000 potential candidates’ profiles, the system can complete the preliminary shortlisting process in seconds, provide us a candidates’ list for initial Job Propose.


Rely on our past delegated contribution, TRUST Personnel successfully built up our reputation and strong relationship with our valuable clients. In our past completed cases, many of our proposed and successfully placed candidates have been advanced to the management level. Obviously, they will be more willing to work with us as they have experienced themselves the way that we treated our candidates with respect and professional approach.


For years, we have been insisted to our company practice in providing Top Quality High Efficiency Services to earn ourselves the reputation in the Greater China Region. On the other hand, we are trying our best heading to our ultimate goal in becoming the best Human Capital Consultancy Services Provider. With these believes and self-enforcement factors, plus our professional knowledge and well versed experience, we have successfully built up our core competency to differentiate with others in our industry. Furthermore, making ourselves to be a Long Term Strategic Partner that clients are happy and willingly to work with.


The fact is affirmative and being solid proved, our service all along the years has brought to our clients with the best benefit as well as high efficiency, yet lead us fulfilling to what we have committed “Service Quality and Efficiency Maximization!!”

Candidates' Profiles




Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Team


Aillen Yung

Partner, Senior Consultant

Aillen Yung  works as a Senior Consultant in our TRUST Personnel Agency Team. After graduating from the Bath Spa University, UK,  with a Degree in Business, Aillen joined our team in 2016. She is responsible mainly for the Accounting, Human Resources and Customer Services ,etc 


Business women are always in quest for perfection and she had brought this mentality and practice to her career in TRUST Personnel Agency. She takes it as a mission to help all her clients to find the perfect candidate.


Choose A Career That Brings You Joy:

Your profession stimulates you. You don't just work for the money, you work for the satisfaction your career gives you, so you choose a job that brings you fulfillment.

Lily Chan

Partner, Principal Consultant

Lily has more than 15 years experience in recruitment.
She is responsible mainly for the general management in respect of the recruitment business and managing a team of recruiters and support staff, as well as assisting candidates in their next career move and delivering the best talent to clients.


She strongly believes that people should be passionate about the things they do. Empowerment plus common sense are the elements in corporate leadership and her objective as a leader is to practice and execute what she believes in.

She truly enjoys helping people in any way possible and thinks laughter is the great healer in life, and a great way to turn things around when things aren’t going perfectly.
She enjoys getting to know new people, discovering and appreciating diverse cultures.

David Ho

Partner, Human Capital Management

Everything started from a chance, David joined a boutique Headhunting firm back in 2006 to furbish himself as a Research Consultant engaging in various HR projects over the Asia Pacific Region. By adopting traditional cold calling technique, he successfully located his targeted passive talents with positions’ seniority from Manager to Chief Executive Level. Ever since then, “Never Give Up” had become his motto as that was the key to drive his success.



David worked with TRUST in 2014 to lead the General Recruitment Team. Because of an incident, he had to stop working and took care of his wife for half a year. Thanks God on her speedy recovery, David resumed his work on 2016. Gained the chance to refocus back to where he was started with and recall his passion as a HR Solution Specialist as well as a Headhunter.

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