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TRUST Personnel has been successfully assisted more than 6,600 clients (including various Fortune 500 enterprises and corporations) in providing them with our Database Talent Search Services. There is no need for clients in wasting their resources on the huge amount of CV that they are not targeted with. Indeed, they can refocus their valuable time on the right profile(s) to enhance the speed and efficiency in recruitment process. Besides, our Database Talent Search Services do not come with any Pre-payment, let you easily control and safeguard the recruitment cost.

Staff Secondment

We will assist you to employ your local staffs in Hong Kong and formally act as their legal employer to take care on issues such as payroll calculation, MPF contribution, Salary related tax

Payroll Management Service

From now on, the monthly routine time-consuming work can be outsourced. Our payroll specialists will perform for you on all the tedious processes from payroll calculation, MPF computation to submit Yearly tax return.

Salary Index

In regular interval, we will base on our recent handled cases to analysis and acquire the most
realistic salary trend. The result will be published, and it shall become one of your hands-on
references to review your company’s salary structure.

Working Visa

Applying working visa for your oversea staffs in Hong Kong will not be an extra burden as we have
delegated professional to act on behalf of your company to handle and complete the entire
application processes.

Value-added HR Services

Cater to what you may have been facing and your specific needs, our HR Service Team can provide
you with professional consultation and tailor made for you diversified HR solutions such as but are
not limited to staff outplacement and Employee Relationship related projects.

No Advanced Payment     |    Max 3* months guarantee and 50%* redemption

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