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Staffing and Payroll Services

Staffing Services

TRUST Personnel Agency possess extensive scale in talent database and we are ready in providing our client with quality staffing service. No matter what kinds of vacancies that client has, once it patronages our service, client will not need to have contractual relationship with the candidates. TRUST Personnel would fully obligated as the candidates’ Employer taking care on their insurance, income declaration and C&B issues. In Hong Kong, Staffing Service is a common practice in use by Foreign Companies, Government Departments, Temporary or Event based vacancies and alternatives for staffs that are in statutory vacation. Some of the sizeable companies will also make use of Staffing Service to cater the headcount limitation set by Regional Headquarter.


No matter what, Staffing Service itself equips with numerous superiority :

- Just a “Service” from TRUST, No need to increase any administrative works for short-term needs.

- Extremely Flexible. Clients can control their headcounts based on current business needs.

- An alternative way to evaluate the needs on a new permanent jobs placement.

During peak season or after a successful bid of a large-scale project?
Temporary staffing has become the preferred option for multinational corporations

and small enterprises alike.

As one of the market leaders in this arena, TRUST is entrusted by a wide range of multinational corporations and government organizations, as well as small and medium sized

enterprises for their temporary staffing needs.

TRUST Staffing Service locates for Clients with our best proposed candidates and they can select the best suitable one to commence their required duties

Staffing Services Process Workflow

New Case

Agreement entered

between TPA & Clients

Recruit Suitable


Contact entered

between TPA & Talent

Talent Commence





At TRUST Payroll Services, we provide basic to complex payroll services and Human Resource (HR) Administration support for your business in Hong Kong. With our full range of payroll services, not only your business will always be on the right track to payroll compliance and continuity risks, your Human Resource (HR) Team will also be able to concentrate on other areas like business and talent development.

- Salary calculation on monthly basis

- Process bonuses or any ad hoc payments

- Process no pay leave and expenses claims

- Salary disbursement to employees via Bank Giro transfer

Payroll Management Service

The whole Payroll processes can be outsourced to save your valuable time and total operation cost. Delegated specialist will be assigned to focus and handle the process to ensure its smoothness and accuracy.

- We will Compute Monthly Salary Calculations.
- Generate itemized payroll report for client’s approval.
- Perform all required MPF related administrative duties.
- Issue and distribute pay slips to client’s staffs.
- Assist client in salary release through AutoPay bank facility.
- Handle Staffs’ enquiry on payroll issue.

P.S. All the processes will be completed and being monitored by our internal Audit System.

**Additional Services:
- Leave Management : To ensure all leaves are being properly approved and recorded. Itemized report will be generated for client’s further analysis and record purpose.

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